Data Entry Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1. Accessing the data entry page
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Section 2. Personal information
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  • How can I change my contact information or my password?

    From the data entry mail page, click on "Review personal information" and make the changes you want. If you change your password, make sure that you type the same password twice in the boxes provided, and that you remember your new password. You will be prompted to enter your new password the next time you login, even if you have asked the computer to remember your password.

  • I do not want to receive the newsletter by email. Why is it important to provide my email address anyway?

    The email address has multiple uses, and we strongly encourage you to provide one to us. One of the reasons is that we use your email address to send you automatically, at your request, your login number and password if you ever forget it. Also, regional coordinators may have questions about your observations and may wish to contact you. To help them in their task of reviewing data, we will have an automatic system that will generate, at their request, an email asking you for more details about your observations. Finally, we may contact you occasionally to let you know of important changes on the data entry pages.

  • How are you going to use my personal information?

    We take your privacy very seriously. We will not provide your personal information (address, email, etc.) to any third parties without your written consent. Only authorized administrators of the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas will be able to access your personal information. Regional coordinators will only be able to view your personal information in regions that you have provided data, in order to be able to contact you if they need to. Please read the Atlassing conditions for more information on this and related topics.

  • On the personal information review page, there are 3 drop down lists: status, assistants and squares. What are they?

    Your status in each region (list of regions where you are an atlasser) has been initially determined by the information you have provided to us. Subsequently, if you enter data for other regions, that region will be automatically added. This information will largely be used by Regional Coordinators to determine who has provided data in their region, or who has expressed interest in doing so. If you add a square (see below) in a new region, that region will automatically appear in your status drop-down list.

    From the review page, you can also define your list of squares or your list of assistants. In order to enter data for a square, you must add it to your list of squares first. Be careful when you remove a square from your list as you will not be able to access the data associated with that square until you add it again (also see this question.)

    Likewise, you need to define the list of people that helped you in the field before you can enter them on your data forms. That list of assistants will appear on all data forms and you only need to check those that have helped for a particular form. You don't have to enter an atlasser number for your assistants, but if you think they have one and you would like to find out what it is, you can look it up here.

  • I have changed my list of squares or assistants, but the new ones don't appear in the drop-down lists on the review page.

    Occasionally, your browser may store the information that has been displayed previously on a page and will use that information instead of looking up the updated list. Try clicking the Reload or Refresh button and see if your new squares or assistants are now listed.

Section 3. Before you start entering data
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Section 4. Error messages
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Section 5. Entering data
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Section 6. Breeding Evidence Form
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Section 7. Point Count Form
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Section 8. Rare/Colonial Bird Form
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