Data Entry Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1. Accessing the data entry page
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Section 2. Personal information
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Section 3. Before you start entering data
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  • I try clicking on one of the forms to enter data, but I am being told that I must select a square first. Why and how?

    Each atlasser must define a list of squares for which he or she wants to enter data online. This should be done only once per square, and this will allow you to enter breeding evidence, point count, rare/colonial birds and nest record forms (the latter two forms are not currently available, see this question.). Once you have entered a square number, it will be stored in your list and should be displayed at the top of the main page (in the drop-down list).

  • Can I enter data for a square, even if I have not been assigned to it?

    Yes. If you plan to collect data from that square on a regular basis, we would like to encourage you to contact the regional coordinator before the start of the breeding season. This will allow him to ensure that a square does not receive disproportionate effort while neighboring squares are not covered. However, we welcome all observations that you may have for any squares.

  • I did some observations away from my region. How can I find out what square number these were in?

    If you know your coordinates (latitude/longitude or UTM), you can use the conversion tool located here. Please note that the square numbers are different than those used during the first atlas. If you happen to know the square number from the first atlas, you can also look up the new square number on the conversion page.

  • I have defined my square, but it still doesn't show in the drop-down list on the first page.

    Occasionally, your browser will store the information that has been displayed previously on a page and will use that information instead of looking up the new list of squares. Try clicking the Reload or Refresh button and see if your square is now listed.

  • If I enter my data online, should I also send the paper forms to the Regional Coordinator?

    Only if there is information that you did not enter online or if the Regional Coordinator specifically requests them. We don't need to receive the forms for data that you have entered over the Internet, but we suggest that you hold on to them , in case you ever need to check any data.

  • What else should I know about data entry?

    There are a few important points that you should note carefully.

    1- you should never use the BACK and FORWARD button to move between pages.

    2- You must remember to save your data before leaving a page. This could be done by clicking the Submit or the Save button, or by using any of the links provided on the page itself (such as Next page, Previous page, etc.). Going to external links saved as a favorite or a bookmark, or that you type yourself in the address bar, will NOT save your newest data.

    3- You don't have to wait until the end of the season to start entering your data. Any information that you save will be displayed again on the online data form when you return to it. You can make changes to your data in a given season until approximately the end of March of the following year. After that date, additionnal data or changes must be submitted on paper forms or provided to your regional coordinator. If you need to make changes to data you had entered previously, simply update the information and submit the page.

  • If I send my data using paper forms, will they also be available for reviewing online?

    Yes, but it will be a slower process. Data submitted on paper forms will normally not be processed and added to the database before the following fall season. Once they are added to the database, you will be able to view them the same way you would do for data submitted electronically, and they will be included in all the data summaries and maps generated from that point onwards. Submitting your data over the internet means that you will be able to view them more rapidly on the distribution maps that will be updated on a regular basis as the data come in.

  • When I try printing the page, I cannot see the right hand-side of it.

    The page is slightly too large to print in a portrait format, but will print fine if you use a landscape orientation. When you select the print menu, you can normally control the orientation under the printer's properties.

Section 4. Error messages
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Section 5. Entering data
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Section 6. Breeding Evidence Form
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Section 7. Point Count Form
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Section 8. Rare/Colonial Bird Form
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