Data Entry Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1. Accessing the data entry page
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Section 2. Personal information
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Section 3. Before you start entering data
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Section 4. Error messages
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  • What are the different types of errors and what do they mean?

    There are at least 3 different types of error messages that you may encounter when using the pages. The first type, the data checking errors, will normally come as a pop-up window with a message saying that, for example, the data you've just typed is outside the allowed range, or that it does not match some other information elsewhere on the page. Most of these messages should be self-explanatory. Some prevent you from entering invalid data. Others are only intended as a warning and will ask you if you still want to keep those data. If you cannot enter data that you know to be valid, please contact us and we will look into it.

    The second type will normally appear in a different color on the page after you have submitted data. This could be for example because you've tried entering an invalid square number (you may also get messages that are not errors, simply to tell you that the data have been processed successfully).

    Finally, other types of errors will bring up a page saying "There has been an error processing your request". As soon as you reach that page, the program will generate an email to tell us about the error so we can try to fix it immediately. That message will tell us what error has just occurred as well as provide us with information that will help us determine why that error has happened. Each error have a unique reference number that you can use if you have any question or additional details.

  • "Your session has expired or has been closed. You need to log in again"

    This is probably because you have not accessed the site (by clicking a link or submitting data) for a period exceeding 30 minutes. Any data that you've try sending at that point has not been saved. So, if you start entering data and need to leave your computer for an undetermined period of time, you must make sure that you submit or save your data first.

  • "Sorry! You have exceeded the number of failed login attempts. You will be able to try again in 30 minutes."

    If you try to log in with an incorrect password on 3 consecutive occasions, the your login will temporarily be frozen (for a period of 30 minutes). After 30 minutes you should be able to try again. If you cannot remember your password, you can refer to this question.

  • "The page requested does not exist"

    You should normally not see this error and we will look into it if it happens. However, you must make sure that you only use the links provided on the page to navigate the site. Do not try to link directly (through favorites or a bookmark) to any pages other than this one:

  • "Objects are not loaded in memory"

    This error most likely to happen if you use the BACK and FORWARD buttons on your browser instead of the links or buttons within the page itself. When you do that, the server will receive data from pages that it did not expect and will not have all the information to process your request. This is why you should always move between pages with the links and buttons provided within the pages.

  • "No user information was found"

    The reasons for this error are the same as for the error explained above (see this question.

  • "You cannot edit this form because it is being "locked" by another user"

    In some cases, we, or a Regional Coordinator, may need to access your data to review or revise them. Because of the way the Internet works, we need to lock the data while somebody is working on it, so that 2 people do not try to overwrite data that has just been modified by somebody else. Normally, the lock is removed when the other person has finished working with the data, or after 30 minutes of inactivity. The lock will also prevent Regional Coordinators from modifying your form if you are working on it.

  • "Sorry! Data Entry has been temporarily disabled by one of the administrators of this site."

    Occasionally, we will need to turn off access to the data entry site to allow for normal site maintenance operations. In most instances, access will resume within approximately one hour, although we may occasionally require up to a few hours. In cases when we anticipate longer delays, we will inform participants (ahead of time if possible) through the web site and the Atlas Listserv.

  • "The login has just been disabled by an administrator. Your current session will be terminated within 30 minutes."

    This message, when displayed at the top of every page within the data entry site, means that the site administrator has just turned off the access to the data entry and will terminate all active sessions within approximately 30 minutes.  When you see this message, please log out of data entry site and come back a little later. (Also see this question.)

Section 5. Entering data
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Section 6. Breeding Evidence Form
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Section 7. Point Count Form
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Section 8. Rare/Colonial Bird Form
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