Atlas Partners

The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas is a partnership between government, the private sector and conservation organizations. The purpose is to establish a scientifically designed atlas of breeding bird distribution and abundance in Manitoba. The project forms a foundation in the conservation strategies for issues such as species at risk, environmental assessment, incidental take and habitat management by the federal and provincial governments, and it will be valuable source of information for everyone interested in birds.

The Manitoba Breeding Birds Atlas if the result of a partnership between the following organizations.

Bird Studies Canada is a proud partner in the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas project. BSC is Canada's largest non-government organization dedicated to the study of wild birds and their habitats, drawing upon the skills and enthusiasm of volunteers who are engaged in meaningful "citizen science." For more information: Toll free, 1-888-448-BIRD; Web:
Environment Canada's Canadian Wildlife Service manages wildlife matters that are the responsibility of the federal government.These include protection and management of migratory birds, nationally significant habitat, and species at risk, as well as work on other wildlife issues of national and international importance. The department does research in many fields of wildlife biology and provides incentive programs for wildlife and habitat stewardship. As such, Environment Canada is pleased to support the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas. For more information, visit:
Manitoba Conservation. For more information, visit
Nature Manitoba shares a passion that makes a significant commitment to education, awareness, preservation and the pure enjoyment of nature. Throughout the year, Nature Manitoba conducts a variety of indoor and outdoor programs and is an advocate for environmental issues. For more information, visit
The Manitoba Museum, the province's largest heritage centre, is renowned for its combined human and natural heritage themes and vivid portrayal of Manitoba's rich and colourful history. The Museum shares knowledge about Manitoba, the world and the universe through its heritage collections; interpretive galleries; exhibitions; publications; on-site and outreach programs; live, interactive Planetarium shows and hands-on Science Gallery exhibits.. For more information, visit
Manitoba Hydro For more information, visit
The Nature Conservancy of Canada For more information, visit


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