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This conversion tool allows you to change geographical coordinates (i.e., latitude and longitude) into UTM coordinates, and vice versa. This tool will also allow you to enter the coordinates of a particular site to find out which survey square it is in. Furthermore, it can also be used to obtain a range of information concerning a given square (e.g., the coordinates of point count stations, or a summary of the results obtained).

You can also use this tool to obtain the coordinates of a particular place from Google Maps. To do this, click on the Google Maps link at the bottom of this page. Once open, move the map until the pointer in the centre of the screen is situated above the place for which you would like the coordinates. Then click on "Transfer" to transfer the coordinates to the appropriate data fields.

Another interesting feature is that sunrise and sunset times for the summer season appear automatically for a given location or survey square.

Important note: the geographical coordinates obtained using this conversion tool are approximate and should be considered as such. The atlas partners are not responsible for any problems that might result from the use of the information obtained using this tool.

Select the type of geographic information you wish to convert.

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Click here to find coordinates on GoogleMaps

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