Atlas Registration

If you would like to participate in the atlas, or if you simply wish to be kept informed of future developments, please fill out and submit the following registration page. Please provide an E-mail address, if you have one, so that we can alert you whenever new information is available, and so that regional coordinators can get in touch with you.

First Name  Street 1 
Middle Name or Initial  Street 2 
Last Name  Affiliation 
Email  City or Town 
Phone (home)  Province or territory 
Phone (bus.)  Postal Code 

A password is required for accessing the online data entry pages, along with the participant number (which will be assigned to you when you register). Please enter your password in the fields below. You must repeat the same password twice to confirm it. You will also be able to ask for a password reminder from the login page.

Online password  Repeat password 

Do you wish to receive a printed copy of the Atlasser Kit (guide and data forms):  Yes, please No, I already have one, I will get it from my Regional Coordinator or will download it from the Internet

If you already know the main Atlas region(s) (see map) in which you will be surveying, please select them from this list. An email containing your name and contact information will be automatically forwarded to the regional coordinator(s) for the regions you select below.

1. Southwest
2. South Central
3. Red River Valley
4. Southeast
5. Nopiming / Winnipeg River
6. Southern Interlake
7. Mountain
8. The Pas / Flin Flon
9. Northern Interlake
10. Central East
11. Lynn Lake / Thompson
12. Gillam / Shamattawa
13. Northwest
14. Hudson Bay Coast

Are there any areas you would be particularly keen to survey? 

I have read and I accept to abide by the Atlassing guidelines, including the Atlas Code of Ethics and the Policy on the use of Atlas Data.

Yes, I would like to participate in the Manitoba Breeding Birds Atlas!

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