Manitoba Bird Bird Atlas: Species At Risk

Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas: Species At Risk

The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas is an ambitious five-year project to engage citizens in documenting the distribution and abundance of 300 bird species breeding in Manitoba, including 24 Species At Risk.

This important initiative is a collaboration of many partners who share a passion for environmental monitoring. The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas is run largely by volunteer citizen scientists. Currently, there are over 750 citizen scientists who have registered to contribute observation data for the atlas.

This web site provides these citizen scientists with additional information on the 20 bird Species At Risk, especially information on habitat and regions in which they may be found.

In addition to the species featured here, there are several others that migrate through Manitoba, but do not breed here. These include Red Knot rufa subspecies (COSEWIC status: Endangered) and Buff-breasted Sandpiper (COSEWIC status: Special Concern).

Throughout the Species At Risk site, you will see this icon. It indicates that there is more information about a topic. When you hover over or click on the icon, a window will open with more information.

All photographs were taken by Christian Artuso unless otherwise indicated. Please contact the photographer directly for permission to use their photographs.